A declarative, rapid development framework for data-driven Ajax reports and applications.

Rich visualizations and collaborative workflows require only a few lines of SQL-based code and visualization/interaction markup.

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Supported by NSF III 1018961, NSF III 1219263, a Google award and an Informatica award.
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Develop in the cloud

Use the cloud-based IDE to write code, and deploy applications into a cloud service.

Applications can integrate data from existing databases, web services and other data sources in the cloud.

The FORWARD IDE is itself developed in FORWARD!

Declarative Ajax pages

Implement Ajax pages with just:
  • simple SQL++ queries that access the complete application state (session, request, your databases, FORWARD's cloud database, etc) and produce the page's data
  • markup tags that render the data

There is no need for incremental refresh code that is laborious and error-prone.

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No Ajax code required

Forget writing low-level Ajax code!

The framework automatically handles:
  • browser/server communications
  • JavaScript component integration
  • conversion of data formats
  • incremental refresh of HTML DOM and JavaScript components

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Rich interfaces

Build rich interfaces with maps, charts, hierarchical trees, and other cool visualizations.

FORWARD is integrated with mature JavaScript libraries including:
  • Highcharts
  • Google Maps
  • Google Closure

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